The Home Secretary provides a full slate of complementary services to ensure the success of each and every estate sale.  We deliver the professional people and all the things needed to organize, stage, photograph, market, promote, research, price, sell, donate and/or clean out and account for all transactions in an estate sale.



The preparation required to plan and execute an estate sale can be overwhelming. Breaking up a household and disposing of personal items in order to downsize or move is both mentally and physically challenging. The Home Secretary brings the personal touch, the expertise and the experience needed to reduce the hassle and quickly accomplish the preparation work to get ready to open the sale. 

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The Home Secretary will merchandise all of the items on sale and organize the offering by category to create logical adjacency so customers can find what they are looking for where they expect to find it. This to reduce stress and ease the shopping experience so customers stay longer and buy more.

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The Home Secretary will stage all of the items on sale to produce alluring presentations that maximize add-on sales opportunities and present the important items in the best possible light.

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The Home Secretary will photograph all of the important items on sale for posting on the website, the website, and various appropriate neighborhood specific websites.



The Home Secretary will advertise and promote all of the important items on sale via the Internet on the website, the website, and appropriate neighborhood specific websites. The Home Secretary will also utilize strategically placed custom signage to direct and drive traffic to the sale location.


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The Home Secretary will research and price all of the items on sale in order to realize the full value of an orderly liquidation with discounts as the sale progresses.  We do the research to establish the relevant facts about each item on sale. Our research tools include:  ArtNet, ArtAsk, Antique Marks Identification, Worthpoint, 20th Century Glass Identification, Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Prices4Antiques, Invaluable, LiveAuctioneers as well as eBay.  We also utilize our network of experts in art, silver, crystal, cameras, electronics, collectibles and antiques.

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Depending on the size and liquidation value of your estate, we hold a 2 to 4 day estate sale for 6 to 8 hours each day. We allow a limited number of customers in the home at any one time. Multiple trained staff members are always on hand to assist. The Home Secretary accepts cash and credit cards onsite, and customers leave with a receipt if they so desire.  Our most important task is making sure everything runs smoothly when potential buyers are on site.

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Clearing Out 

After the estate sale has ended, The Home Secretary will, at the behest of the client, engage the services required for charity pick up and/or removal of unsold items. These post-sale clear-out services will be made available for a fixed fee including our supervision as specified in a client-approved quote.



The Home Secretary will record each and every transaction before, during and after each estate sale and provide a register of all transactions, a reconciliation and a check for the owner’s portion within five (5) days after the day of the final transaction. 


The Home Secretary will be responsible for collecting and paying all sales & use taxes as well as all banking and card transaction fees.